BreachTraktm by DQM GRC. Monitoring data for loss and misuse for over 20 years


Detect Data Leakage

BreachTraktm is the most comprehensive solution on the market. We can monitor the dark web, surface web, e-mail, phone and post for your data helping you to quickly identify unusual activity.


Easy Set-up

Just add your unique Trakker records into your database and leave the rest to us. Our data tracking service includes a dedicated team of experts to help you every step of the way.


Industry Leader

DQM GRC has unrivaled experience with over 20 years of expertise in data tracking – we’re the most established business in the industry.

25% of employees would sell confidential company data and risk both their job and a criminal conviction.

Third-parties are responsible for more data losses than any other source.

BreachTraktm enables you to monitor data usage from both employees and third-parties - giving you the ability to keep an eye on your data even when it leaves the building and moves beyond your direct control.

It can help organisations of all sizes meet their compliance obligations under the GDPR and other data regulations.

BreachTraktm will quickly identify when your data has been misused - and who by - so you can act immediately and minimise your exposure to a damaging GDPR fine and tarnished brand reputation.

E-mail, phone, post and web. All tracked.

BreachTraktm works across most communication mediums and will let you know exactly how your data is being used, and who by.

By placing our unique Trakkers into your different systems, such as CRM, finance and operational delivery systems, you can identify and monitor how your data is being used outside of the organisation – and get ahead of any problems that arise.

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