Identify mis-compliance in your marketing

Your marketing practices need to be compliant with the consent laws under the GDPR, DPA 2018 and PECR.

Whilst many marketers aim to adhere to these regulatory standards, there can be instances when your customers’ data is either accidently or intentionally mis-used in your marketing communications.

Identifying these gaps in your marketing programme is not only crucial to ensuring your team is operating in line with the regulatory requirements, but also means you’ll have happier and more trusting relationships with your customers.

BreachTrak – Monitor Your Data

By adding BreachTrak Trakkers to your marketing databases, you will be able to monitor how your data is being used through the eyes of your customers – providing invaluable insight that can help you answer questions such as:

  • Are we contacting customers without consent?
  • Are we contacting customers via the consented forms of communication?
  • How often are we contacting our customers?
  • Are we still contacting customers outside of the specified timeframe?

This knowledge will allow your team to identify any holes as they appear in your marketing programme, and ensures you can fix the gaps before the worst happens.

BreachTrak can monitor exactly how your data is being used. The platform will detect when your data has been used over email, phone, and post and can detect when it appears on both the surface and dark web. This means you can track your data to ensure it is being used in alignment to your marketing permissions.

BreachTrak can also send instant alerts straight to your inbox so you can quickly identify misuse and take immediate action.

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