Monitoring third party use of your data

Your organisation may have numerous necessary third-party contractual agreements in place which involve those third parties handling your data. Often these third party suppliers, or data processors, are vital to your business providing technical, marketing, HR or operational services. Even though businesses now rely on third party processors these are often implicated in data breaches and in many cases are the root cause. 

But whilst processes and contractual agreements can help to safeguard the correct usage of data, they cannot entirely prevent suppliers or other third-party organisations from using the data outside of the terms of your contract – either accidently or intentionally.

As a data controller you are required, under the GDPR and DPA 2018, to ensure that your data is only used for the specified purpose it was collected for. This means both your organisation and any party you supply the data to needs to operate lawfully, and you need to be alerted to any potential misuse as quickly as possible.

But how can you immediately identify when your data has been used outside of the specified purposes of a contract? More importantly – how can you prove it?

BreachTrak – Monitor Your Data

BreachTrak can monitor exactly how your data is being used to ensure the specific purpose is being lawfully met - even if this data is no longer in your immediate control.

The platform will detect when your data has been used over email, phone, and post and can detect when it appears on both the surface and dark web. This means you can track your data to ensure it is being used for the specific purpose defined in your Records of Processing.

BreachTrak can also send instant alerts straight to your inbox so you can quickly identify misuse and take immediate action.


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