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More employees working from home means people will potentially be accessing and processing information outside of your organisation’s normal physical security perimeter.

They may be doing this via a shared home network which may not be as strongly defended as your organisation’s – especially if a household has vulnerable IoT devices connected that could become a target for hackers. There is also a risk that information could accidently or intentionally be misused whilst your employees work from home and outside of the organisation’s line of sight.

You will need a variety of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques in place, so you can quickly identify when a data leak occurs and act immediately - cutting down on the time the breach is undetected and the situation aggravates.

BreachTrak – Monitor Your Data

TechRadar Pro has listed DQM GRC's data monitoring platform BreachTrak™ as one of the best products to help businesses navigate the ongoing pandemic, alongside services from organisations including Google, Microsoft and Apple. 

BreachTrak™ is an easy-to-use tool that lets you monitor exactly how your data is being used, and DQM GRC is offering all organisations a free three month subscription so you can check your new remote working processes are operating securely, and monitor for any data leaks or misuse during this period where the risk of a data breach is higher.  

BreachTrak™ tracks how employees and third-parties use an organisation’s personal data sets via email, text, phone and post – and it can even monitor the surface and dark web in case the data is stolen and leaked. 

All of this is then reported back to you in a straightforward dashboard so you can monitor exactly how your organisation’s data is being used.

The platform also monitors for ‘red flags’, and if one is found it will immediately alert you by sending a warning notification straight to your inbox - so you can act quickly and neutralise the situation before it escalates. 

To set up your free account for BreachTrak™ please drop our expert team a message today



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