Questions about BreachTrak data monitoring:

How much does BreachTrak Cost?

The Gold service is £195 per month which includes 5 unique Trakker records for you to add to your different applications. You can then order additional Trakkers at £50 per Trakker per month if you need. This includes monitoring the use of these records by e-mail, mail and telephone.

The Platinum Service includes all of the functionality of the Gold Service but adds both dark and surface web monitoring for your Trakkers for an additional £195 per month.

All accounts are a minimum term of 1 year and all prices are quoted excluding VAT at the current rate.

How do I get a BreachTrak Account?

BreachTrak is an easy to use web-based product. To get an account simply call one of our helpful account managers on 01494 442900 who will get the process underway, create your Trakkers and set-up your web portal access. Do let them know if you’d like to monitor the dark web as well.

Why can’t I sign in?

If you have followed the password reset process and you still cannot access the system, then please contact our technical support team by calling us on 01494 442900 and asking for technical support.

How many users can access BreachTrak by membership?

We will setup up to 5 users for your membership. These users will have access to your Trakker records and be able to set alerts for the organisation – so choose them with care! Your account manager will need their email addresses for account creation. We can change these for you as often as you need.

What happens to the Trakkers once my membership expires?

Your access to the system will cease and you will receive no further alerts, however we will continue to monitor the Trakkers for a further 2 year period in case you decide to reactive your product.

Can BreachTrak Track data outside of the UK?

We can monitor e-mails and web-based activity internationally. Currently our physical address and telephone monitoring is based around UK locations, but we can and do build bespoke networks world-wide when required – POA.

Can I get e-mail alerts when my Trakkers are used?

Yes you can set rules within the system for “Red” alerts – these will produce an e-mail to each of your users whenever a Trakker is used and the rule is met. For example, you could set a rule to identify all Trakkers used by a different organisation or for a different purpose. You can also set “Amber” alerts which will highlight these uses to you in the portal but not generate an e-mail warning. All other uses will be “Green”.

You can modify your rules at any time instantly from within the portal.

Can I add the same Trakker to different datasets?

It’s up to you how and where you place your Trakker records however we would normally recommend that you do not use them in more than one location as this means it can be hard to attribute the correct source to any leak or mis-use of your data.

How long are evidence saved by BreachTrak?

We will keep copies of all e-mails, physical mail and telephone records for the duration of your account with us and then for a further 2 years.

How can I download the Trakker summary on BreachTrak?

You can download a copy of your Trakkers and a copy of your Trakker uses from within the portal as delimited files.

What should we do once we recognise misuse?

How you handle a mis-use or breach is completely up to you. Our account managers will be on hand to help you plan the best course forward.

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